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At American Restoration Water & Fire, we want you to call us only when necessary, including for any damage restoration jobs. One of the most common types of damage we encounter is fire damage, which can devastate families and homes. This is why taking proactive measures to prevent incidents is crucial. By following essential home safety tips, you can avert disaster. Our experts are here to provide a few tips, so you’ll know how to prevent house fires and avoid dangerous situations in your residence.

Always Monitor Live Flames

Unattended flames from cooking or burning candles are common causes of house fires. In fact, from 2015-2019, cooking caused 49% of reported house fires, while burning candles started an estimated 7,400 of them. Keeping a close eye on anything involving extreme heat is vital to prevent this. Avoid leaving the kitchen unattended while preparing a meal and keep combustible materials away from open flames.

Unplug Unused Electronics and Use Surge Protectors

Electrical fires can easily ignite as well. A common cause of these fires is when unused equipment continues to emit electricity, leading to sparks that can ignite something close by, starting a fire. To reduce the risk of this happening, unplugging chargers or devices that are not in use is a good practice. It’s also highly recommended to use surge protectors as they can prevent sparks and absorb excess energy, which helps to keep devices from overheating.

Keep the Clutter and Debris to a Minimum:

Maintaining a clean and uncluttered environment inside and outside your home is also crucial for fire prevention. Loose paper and piled-up clothing inside your home can fuel fires, while yards with loose leaves and overgrown trees can catch fire easily from stray ashes or sparks. Regularly clean and declutter your home to minimize the risk of a spontaneous fire damaging your property.

Taking proactive measures and following essential safety practices to prevent fire damage is significant. By following these tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of house fires and ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. In the unfortunate event of a fire, know that American Restoration Water & Fire can provide expert assistance in restoration and mitigation to help you get your home back to normal.