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Private water wells are owned by an individual or a business, but the well’s groundwater source is not from a municipal or other public water supply. The CDC estimates that more than 8 million households in the United States rely on private wells. Private wells are a common water source for homes in rural areas in New Mexico with limited access to public water supply systems.

Private wells are an essential source of water during fires as they can provide a reliable source of water and allow firefighters to protect adjacent properties from further damage. Private wells can be impacted by fires, both from lack of access to safe drinking water and potential contamination from chemicals released in the fire.

As water is a critical priority during firefighting operations, restoration companies are often contracted by private property owners or public entities affected by fires to restore potable water sources, including private wells.


Fire damage

Fire damage to a private well can cause groundwater contamination, which can be dangerous to humans and animals. Chemicals released in a fire can contaminate a private well or even neighboring wells or reservoirs, where people have stored water or used it for cooling. Some of these contaminants, including benzene and carbon monoxide, are carcinogenic in humans.



When a wildfire is in the area, there can be a lot of smoke and ash in the water. Drinking contaminated water for an extended period can cause serious health problems.

After a Wildfire, private wells should be tested first before using. Test the well water for bacteria levels and ensure it is safe to drink before use. If the well has been flooded with water, it must be inspected by a licensed professional before using it again.

If you have experienced fire or smoke damage to your home, American Restoration is here to help! Our licensed technicians can restore your home, and we will work directly with your insurance.