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A fire can be one of the biggest trials a property owner can go through. No matter the source, fire can endanger lives and belongings. Even after the fire is out, you’ll need to consider fire restoration as well. We here at American Restoration believe that having a fire safety plan can protect your assets and your people in the event of a fire and mitigate the impact. Read on for fire safety tips, and what we can do for you!

The first line of defense against a fire is prevention. Make sure appliances not in use are unplugged. Pay special attention while cooking in the kitchen, as appliances or unattended food can start a fire. If you smoke, do it outside and extinguish all open flames before heading in, especially in dry weather. If you’re having an outdoor fire, wet down the surrounding area so stray embers don’t ignite. Finally, smoke detectors can serve as an early warning system, and a fire extinguisher can be used in the event of a small fire to prevent its spread.

In the unfortunate event that you need fire restoration services, American Restoration is here for you. After the fire is out, there can be damage to the structural integrity of your home, making removing intact belongings dangerous. Our friendly and professional staff provide responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where in New Mexico you are. Call American Restoration today for your fire restoration needs!