Independence Day fireworks are a tradition and, in most of the U.S., legal. However, legal does not mean risk-free; fire safety is a real concern. Improperly handled fireworks can mean injury to yourself or others and smoke damage or fire damage to your home.

When it comes to fireworks, fire safety is vital. There are several ways to enjoy the holiday and protect your person and property.

One of the safest things to do regarding fireworks is to skip having them at home and go out to a professional show. If that is not an option, there are steps that you can take to minimize risk.

First, if a firework is not working, don’t try to use it. Do not relight fireworks and avoid handling malfunctioning ones.

Be certain to be prepared for the possibility of a fire. Keep a bucket of water on hand to deal with any fireworks that do not go off or get out of control. This can minimize fire and smoke damage if there is a problem.

Properly dispense with fireworks. That means soaking both used and unused fireworks in water for several hours before disposing of them. This helps to minimize fire risk.

Of course, even with taking proper precautions, things can still go wrong. A spark may go rogue. A firework may land unnoticed on the roof of your house. It may even not be your own fireworks but, rather, a neighbor’s.

If the worst does happen, there is restoration help available. Give American Restoration Water and Fire a call. We deal with water and fire damage- including damage from fireworks. American Restoration has the experts you need to tackle smoke damage and fire damage. Our restoration professionals can help get your home back on track after a mishap.