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When the cold weather hits, we know that snow is just on the horizon. Besides being a nightmare for the roads, snow can also cause a lot of damage to your home. At American Restoration, we can help provide water damage restoration to your house or business when flooding occurs. We suggest taking some of the following precautionary measures to help protect your home from rough weather.

1. Fix the Roof

One of the first steps that you should take before the cold weather arrives is to repair the roof. Having a team of professionals inspect your roof can ensure that there aren’t any cracks, missing shingles, or damage. Melted snow can get through a damaged roof and cause water damage to your ceiling or attic as well as upper floors of your home. Ultimately, it could even weaken some of the foundations of your home causing further damage and expenses to you.

2. Insulate the Attic

Another step to take is to insulate your attic. Not only can this help to keep the snow out of your home, but it can also provide warmth in frigid Winter temperatures. As you may know, heat rises. If the attic or upper floors aren’t insulated properly, the heat can simply escape, causing the snow on your roof to melt which may result in excessive water damage or flooding.

3. Protect Pipes

Frozen pipes are common during New Mexico Winter’s, but can be easily avoided. The water flowing inside of your pipes can freeze with drastic reductions in temperature. When using an appliance that utilizes that frozen pipe, an extraordinary amount of pressure is applied within. This could cause the pipe to eventually burst, causing large amounts of water to flood your house and surrounding areas. By checking your pipes regularly, and keeping up with routine maintenance, you can avoid this otherwise costly problem. Also, when freezing temperatures are in effect, you should leave your faucets dripping to keep water movng through the pipes.

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