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The freezing weather has arrived in full force in New Mexico, bringing beautiful snow and great winter mornings. However, this season also poses potential hazards for your home. But don’t worry, we have three tips to help you protect your home from the harsh winter weather.

Tip #1: Protect Those Pipes!

One of the most crucial components of your home is its piping system. It is responsible for supplying water to various systems within your home. Insulating your home’s pipes if they are exposed is recommended to avoid freezing and bursting. If a pipe(s) does rupture, it could cost you “an average of $500 for professional repairs.” Additionally, we recommend disconnecting hoses and turning off outdoor faucets that supply water to your yard. These can also cause issues in freezing temperatures.

Tip #2: Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters are clogged with debris in the fall, they are more likely to form ice. If you still need to, we suggest you set aside time to clean them out as soon as possible. As we approach January, the temperature is expected to drop even more in New Mexico, making it even more crucial. Clogged gutters in winter are usually the result of the formation of ice dams that build up over time due to the accumulation of melted snow, leaves, and other debris. Gutters clogged for too long will stress the structure of your home, possibly causing costly and severe water damage.

Tip #3: Properly Store Combustible Items

Chances are you’ll be using your furnace and fireplace a lot more in winter; this is why we advise double-checking combustible items like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and hand sanitizer stored away from those heat sources. Unfortunately, accidents with such things can occur around open flames, quickly igniting house fires that spread fast and endanger your home and family.

During the winter months, it is crucial to prioritize safety for your home and family. By taking care of the abovementioned things, which is just a list of many things you can do, your home should be well-prepared for the cold weather. However, if you face any home disaster due to winter weather, remember that American Restoration Water & Fire of Albuquerque is just a call away. We’re available for immediate response in the case of an emergency.