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Disaster can strike at any moment. American Restoration knows how important it is to be prepared for the possibility of a home fire, and we have seen how much of a difference it makes among our clients to have a strategy to piece their lives and their homes back together in the aftermath. If you are the victim of a fire in the home, here we have compiled a list of steps to take that will ensure that you move toward the future with confidence and with the knowledge that you can pick up the pieces.

Of course, first and foremost, in the immediate aftermath of a fire, you should make sure that your family is safe and evacuated, then begin the fire damage mitigation process by contacting your insurance agent and restoration specialists that have a history of success and satisfaction and can begin work quickly to get you back on your feet. At American Restoration we are IICRC certified and strive to provide the best possible service to our clients who put their trust in us. Based out of Albuquerque, we are able to provide service to most parts of New Mexico within two hours.

After you’ve secured the attention of your home insurance provider and the expertise of a fire and smoke recovery business, you may want to begin the process of separating undamaged property from damaged property. Confused about this process? Don’t worry. American Restoration staff can help with that part, too. In fact, it is part of our Organizational Manager’s responsibilities to inventory and safely store your furniture and other possessions while repairs are underway.

Finding somewhere comfortable to stay if you can’t continue living in your home during restoration is also important. Be sure to talk to you insurance company about your options here, oftentimes they will pay for the cost of housing in the aftermath of fire and smoke damage. It might not be the Ritz, but you can make yourself more at home by bringing a few undamaged items from your home that make you feel comfortable.

At American Restoration we value compassion highly. We’re invested in your happiness as well as the repair and restoration of the place you call home. Get in touch with us with any questions about the services we provide.