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Rebuilding your home after a house fire can undoubtedly be a stressful time, but rebuilding your home after a house fire with American Restoration Water & Fire minimizes any additional stress. Our team of fire restoration experts has several steps before the rebuild, and knowing what to expect after a home fire is how American Restoration Water & Fire are different from other restoration companies. Here are some of the first things you can expect to do and how American Restoration Water & Fire will get to work right away.

Call Your Insurance: Notifying your home insurance company is top of the list. The sooner you call them to notify them of your home fire, they can send an insurance adjuster out to estimate the price of damage and restoration costs.

Secure Your Home: After getting your things and finding a safe place to stay, it’s time to secure your home. Our technicians can assist in boarding up windows and parts of your roof and siding to prevent further damage that weather can cause.

Time to Dry Out: The firefighters worked hard to get the fire out as fast as possible, but this means that their efforts have caused some additional water damage. American Restoration Water & Fire will start to remove standing water and place industrial-sized fans around your home to aid in the drying out process if necessary.

Smoke, Soot, & Char Cleanup: After the drying out process, our team can begin to remove the smoke and soot damage. We will remove items that have been charred and begin to wipe away the thick black smoke that has accumulated on walls and items in your home. Once we have cleaned all we can, we can better evaluate the extent of the damage.

Disinfect & Deodorize: Smoke fills every part of your home in the fire, and it’s our job to make sure that every room is cleaned up and doesn’t harbor any leftover smoke residue and to rid those rooms of the potent smoke odor. We will also work on disinfecting your furniture and other additional items that need it.

Construction: Now that our fire restoration experts have successfully prepped your home, we can begin the restoration process. Throughout every part of this process, we have evaluated the areas critical for restore and will work with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.

A home fire is the last thing anyone expects to happen to them, but it happens all the time, and that’s why American Restoration Water & Fire are the experts for your home restoration. We have served New Mexico for over four decades. If your home experiences a fire, American Restoration Water & Fire has an emergency number, you can call 24/7!