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When it comes to home and property restoration, there are several myths and misconceptions that have spread over the years. However, you can trust your American Restoration Water & Fire experts to set the record straight. In this article, we will discuss three of the many myths and why using a reputable restoration company is crucial in case of an unfortunate event where you require our services.

You Can’t Restore Fire or Water Damage Properly 

Fire or water damage can be severe and often the worst. Anything from a house fire to flooding can be devastating but often not irreparable. Proper restoration techniques from professionals can salvage many items. When a fire occurs, smoke odor can linger and cause damage if not appropriately addressed. Our team has the tools to quickly clean smoke soot and neutralize odors, preventing permanent damage. In addition, water damage can seep into your home’s structure, including carpet, flooring, ceiling, and walls, creating an environment that can lead to mold growth. With our professional restoration techniques, we can accurately assess the extent of damage and effectively dry and restore your home, safeguarding its structure. 


DIY Restoration is Cheaper

We understand that DIY is often the more affordable option for most home maintenance projects. However, attempting a DIY approach is not recommended for restoration, especially for larger-scale damage. Restoration companies like ours have the expertise and equipment to handle such jobs correctly. When it comes to smoke removal or mold remediation, attempting to do it yourself can harm you and worsen an already dangerous environment. Therefore, it is always wiser to hire a restoration company, which can save you money in the long run and ensure your safety. 

All Restoration Companies Are the Same

Companies like ours vary in experience, expertise, and service quality. That is why it’s essential to do proper research to choose a reputable restoration company. In fact,  American Restoration Water & Fire is a top local company for water damage restoration, fire damage repair, mold remediation, and asbestos abatement for a reason. Our licensed professionals use the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a cost-effective and efficient recovery process. As BBB Institute of Inspection and Cleaning members and IICRC certified, we are a trusted choice for all your restoration needs.

Don’t believe the naysayers. Proper restoration requires a certain level of skill and expertise to do it right, and we understand that it can be a challenging experience for property owners when an emergency damages their homes. That’s why we strive to make the clean-up, repair, and restoration process as stress-free as possible for you. From packing your possessions to cleaning up the site, from repairing water, smoke, or fire damage to packing your items back in, we are here to help you put your home or office back together. However, it would be best to act swiftly when the damage occurs. The quicker you call us, the quicker  American Restoration Water & Fire can get to the property to assess the damage and provide a comprehensive restoration plan.