The roof over your head is literally the most important element of your home when it comes to protecting you and your family. So when disaster strikes, water or fire damage can leave your roof in need of emergency repair services. American Restoration Fire & Water LLC responds quickly to calls for disaster recovery throughout New Mexico. While you’re waiting on your contractor to repair the damage, it’s important to protect vulnerable areas of your roof with tarp so that your roof isn’t left exposed to the elements and further deterioration.

When you call American Restoration, one of our certified technicians will inspect your roof and cover up affected areas with tarp. It’s vital to assess the level of damage and take preventive steps to protect against further damage. In some cases, insurance companies will dismiss a claim if they can prove that a property owner didn’t take reasonable steps to minimize damage. It is always the responsibility of the homeowner to take the necessary steps to protect their home. Tarping up your roof quickly is important!

If the damage to your roof is water related, it’s especially important to address the situation quickly. Our technicians will evaluate the damage and use moisture reading equipment to check your home for moisture. If moisture is detected, American Restoration utilizes specialized setting equipment to dry your property. Identifying any moisture and ensuring your property is dry is critical in order to prevent secondary damages, like mold.

At American Restoration, we take pride in helping our clients rebuild their homes and lives after a disaster. We want to bring you peace of mind knowing that you can recover. If your home, business or investment property is struck by a fire or flood, call American Restoration.