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Your home is filled with hundreds of feet of unseen water tubing, pipes, fittings, and connections. Most of those components can and do function for decades without incident. However, there some warning signs that can be overlooked and can prove to be disastrous if not replaced.

At best, surface rust on water pipes can be unsightly. However, homeowners must recognize that surface rust is a problem that needs prompt attention. Typically, rust is an electro-chemical process that cannot be stopped even with cleaning. Given enough time, even water pipes made of galvanized steel can rust, causing serious water damage to your home or business.

Additionally, loose rust inside your water pipes can transform into crystals which can cause lack of water pressure or a complete obstruction. However, when rust continues to transform and build, it can penetrate the pipe completely and cause a major leak.

Unfortunately, one of our customers has recently had a loss due to rust. A small, pin-hole sized leak developed at a galvanized pipe joint. Even though small, that leak has caused thousands of dollars in cleanup and rebuild expenses.

At American Restoration, our advice is take some time and check the pipes in your home. If you detect any rust or corrosion issues in your home, address them with a plumber and you may prevent an incident that causes water damage or possibly mold. Save money and be safe. If you do experience a water line break or other emergency, call us and we’ll help get your home back to normal.