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American Restoration Water & Fire has seen our fair share of black mold, and we know the dangers it poses. Black mold is nothing short of dangerous; it can affect your home and health if left untreated. Since we live in a dry climate, mold happens because of cracked or broken water pipes, rooms not appropriately vented, moisture build-up around window seals, and areas that never dry out, mainly in rooms like the bathroom and under sinks or regions that have seen extensive water damage.  Hiring a professional mold removal company assures that it has been taken care of effectively.

Cleaning black mold as a homeowner can be done, but it’s also important to know your limits and when to call in reinforcements. If the affected area is more than 10 square feet, it’s time to call in the professionals at American Restoration Water & Fire. Our certified mold removal technicians should be consulted because many times, there is more mold than meets the eye. Our mold technicians will take samples to our mold testing facility that will help determine how large the affected area is. If the mold test comes back positive, we will meet to develop a mold removal plan that effectively kills the mold and gets you back to a safe home environment for your family. As soon as you see black mold in your home, prompt action is necessary to prevent further growth. Exposure to toxic black mold spores can cause severe and lasting respiratory problems.

Our certified mold removal technicians are certified in mold remediation by ACME Environmental (#071713-6). Our technicians will ensure that the mold is removed safely and effectively because your health and the health of your family are our number one concern. You can call our office to schedule a consultation or send a form online for more information about the mold removal process. To read about the types of molds that can grow in your home, read our previous blog about it here.