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It may seem like the danger has passed once the flames have been put out and the firefighters have left your home, investment property or commercial building, but danger may still exist. Frequently, after a fire, there may still be smoke damage-related risks that you’ll need a licensed technician to restore. The harm from smoke may not immediately be apparent. Smoke can infiltrate hidden areas and seep into your home’s structure, leading to discoloration, corrosion, and lasting odors. The initial steps involve a licensed team, such as American Restoration Water & Fire, assessing the extent of the damage. After that, the restoration will begin.

Smoke damage leads to the development of soot, an oily and stainable substance. To eliminate soot from your furniture and walls, technicians will employ a powerful HEPA vacuum to remove the soot effectively. We do not recommend that you attempt to remove the soot independently, as without the proper specialized equipment, it can spread and permanently stain your items.

In addition to the visible damage caused by smoke, the lingering odor can also be a persistent issue because the smoke has seeped into your furniture and clothing. To eliminate the odor, a technician can use an ozone generator to deodorize your entire home, including these items. Note that depending on the severity of the smell, your home may need to be tented up to ensure this process is effective.

Aside from personal belongings, your home’s walls, boards, and insulation may also carry a strong smoke odor after a fire. After the house has cooled, smoke will linger in these areas. Professionals use thermal fogging, a technique used to disperse a deodorizing solution that effectively neutralizes odors. If the insulation is damaged, it will require replacement.

Please remember that smoke damage may not be the only type of damage present. American Restoration Water & Fire’s 24/7 response teams are equipped to handle any type or amount of damage!