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There are areas in New Mexico that can accumulate snow through the Winter months. When Spring finally arrives and the snow begins to melt away, your lawn may not look as it did the spring before. Your lawn may now include patches of dead grass, meaning your lawn was victim to snow mold, a type of lawn fungi that isn’t visible until the snow begins to melt. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC wants to inform you of the dangers that snow mold can pose not only to your lawn but also to your health.

There are two types of snow mold to watch for: grey mold and pink mold. Grey mold is known to grow under large snowdrifts that take longer to melt when the warmer weather starts. When the snow takes longer to melt, the ground can remain wet and therefore grey snow mold grows. When the snow does melt, you can identify grey snow mold by the look of the mold on the dead grass, which can range in size from a few inches to a few feet, depending on the amount of time it took to melt. Grey snow mold can kill the roots of the grass, but it is more likely that it has killed the blades of the grass.

Pink snow mold kills more than the blades and is more common for it to kill the roots of the grass as well. Identifying pink snow mold is easier as the snow melts, and can be identified by its rusted color or pink hues. Unlike grey snow mold, which grows under snowdrifts, pink snow mold can grow anytime the temperature is below 40* and the ground is wet. Pink mold typically causes patches of dead grass with less than a 12-inch diameter. This grass will not re-grow.

Any type of mold can be dangerous for your health, and grey and pink snow mold are no different. These molds can increase the effects of asthma and other lung issues you or your household may have. It’s important that when dealing with any type of mold, whether this be on your lawn or your roof, in your home, or on your furniture, that you call the professionals to help take identify and remove it. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC specialize in in-home mold, and we recommend that you call a landscaping company to help you deal with your lawn mold.

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