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The end of winter means a new to-do list when it comes to your roof. As you know, winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof and home. If bad enough, it can impact the lifespan of your roof as well. Here are a few Spring maintenance tips to help prolong the quality and life expectancy of your roof.

1. Clean the gutters.

A lot of waste materials are likely to build upon the channels and drainage pipes during winter. The wastes clog up the water pipes and make it impossible to remove the water during Spring, which can result in flooding and can lead to much more damage to your home as well as mold growth from additional moisture. We suggest cleaning up the gutters using a gutter scoop to prevent any future damages.

2. Scrutinize the shingles.

It’s a good idea to check for broken, loose, or lost shingles during Spring, so they can be easily replaced. If you notice any cases of damaged shingles, it’s important to reach out to an expert for a roof repair or replacement.

3. Look out for cases of mold or algae.

Chances are high of finding algae and mold growing on your roof, after winter. Therefore, if you find any, consider hiring a professional to remove any unnecessary debris. This will ensure the stability of your roof and the health of your family and loved ones.

4. Record any damage.

After a thorough inspection of your roof, document the cases of damage. In case of flooding, make sure to take good photos of the damage for insurance.

5. Plan for a professional inspection.

A professional roofer, if necessary, is fundamentally crucial in offering inspection services. The roofer will determine the extent of the damage as well as assist with repairs.

As you can see, a safe and maintained roof can help you avoid many issues such as home flooding and mold exposure. If you think you are experiencing one of these troubles and need restoration services, reach out to the experts at American Restoration. We are here to help!