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American Restoration Water & Fire has seen a lot of floods. More often than not, the stories go something like this: You’ve been on a relaxing weeklong trip to Vegas. You gambled a little and came out a little ahead. Pretty exciting! Little did you know that the minute you left your home a small hole opened up in your washing machine’s hot water feed line and now there’s 2 to 3 inches of water all over your home.

Now what?

First thing’s first. You need to find the source of the water and turn it off– but only if you can get to the source safely. Look around. Are there any electrical cords that are exposed to the water? If there are, safely locate your electrical panel and turn off the breakers. Once the water source has been located and the water is off, look over your home. Are there other safety issues you need to address? If not, leave the interior of your home and head outside to call for help. American Restoration Water & Fire is here to serve you. Call us at 505-206-5277 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now give your insurance agent a call. Let them know that you’ve called us to help. We’re approved to work with most insurance companies and will handle a lot of that legwork for you.

Once you’ve made the calls, technicians should be at your home within an hour in most metro locations.

You have a little time. If it’s safe to do so, go back inside and move anything that you safely can to dryer surroundings. Take pictures for your insurance company. Document any damage you see. Take pictures and hold onto the failed hose or hose connection if that’s possible, as your insurance company will want to take possession of that item.

Now, start packing. Find your medicines and collect your valuables. If it’s a large flood, you’ll likely be asked to vacate your property until it can be sufficiently dried and there is no sign of mold. Prepare yourself. You could be in for a couple of weeks of dry out, cleanup, and rebuilding before you’re back in your home. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Don’t gamble with the company you hire to help. The folks at American Restoration Water & Fire are here to put your home and life back together. We’ll take the time to walk you through every phase– from dry out to rebuild. Call us when you need us.

Below are some photos of a house that recently flooded and how we began the project by drying out the walls and removing carpet.