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One of the benefits of living in a dry climate is that we can utilize evaporative cooling also known as a swamp cooler. Like any appliance, there can be things that break, leak, or need to be replaced and if you have a swamp cooler you know that it can happen more frequently.  American Restoration works with water damage on a daily basis and we understand the effects it can have on your home as well as your wallet.

To begin with, it helps to understand how a swamp cooler works and where leaks may happen. Swamp coolers work by running water over pads that are being forced through in order to cool quickly. For the water to be pushed through and cooled, it requires a pan, pump, a float, and water. The first area that water can create an issue from is being over-full! You’ll want to use your float to measure exactly how much water is in the pan. Additional water can build up from condensation when the humidity is higher.

One other area is that the pan that holds the water cracks or breaks increasing the amount of water that your unit is using. If fixing a leak on your swamp cooler isn’t something you like to do, contact your local air conditioning repair company. If the damage to your roof created water damage on the inside of your home, American Restoration Water & Fire can get it done in a timely manner. For more information, call us to schedule an appointment!