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It’s swamp cooler season and that can mean trouble! Those of us who use swamp coolers to cool or homes and businesses know the issues surrounding swamp cooler season. Anytime you combine water with your roof, pending disaster looms. American Restoration Water & Fire has some valuable tips to help you avoid expensive home repairs.

First, if your swamp cooler was not “winterized” last fall, don’t just throw the switch and turn it on. Swamp coolers typically utilize copper water lines to bring water to the unit. If those lines have not been drained and properly cared for over the winter, freezing will have caused them to split—sending water onto your roof and possibly into your home. If you feel safe doing so, go up onto that roof and check the lines for leaks, paying particular attention to the small couplings that join pipes together and make the necessary repairs.

Next, make sure the pan that holds the water is in good shape. Over time, swamp cooler water pans can corrode, rust, and degrade. Check the pan thoroughly for any signs of major wear and tear. Sometimes a sealing paint called, “cooler coating” can extend the life of a water pan if this repair is needed.

Now, check out your swamp cooler float valve. This valve shuts off water when your water level reaches the appropriate height in the water pan. If the valve is not adjusted properly, water may run out onto your roof. Additionally, the actual float can fail which will fill the float with water, causing your swamp cooler to not cool at all.

Finally, check your cooler pads and the spider tubs. If your pads don’t fit properly, water can be sent on the outside of the swamp cooler—causing waste and the potential for a roof leak. Spider tubes live at the top of the swamp cooler and evenly distribute water to the pads. If the spider tubes are not directly above the pads, water will be pouring out where you may not expect. Not a good thing.

If you’re not comfortable with these procedures, contact a professional. If your swamp cooler damages your roof and sends water into your home, we’ll fix it. Contact the staff at American Restoration Water & Fire and we’ll help you get back on track.