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Faulty, unchecked electrical wiring is one of the most common causes of house fires nationwide. During the winter season, breakers are even more loaded with Christmas lights, mechanical decorations, and the added burden of more hours requiring electrical lighting during these darker months. Being familiar with some of the common warning signs of unsafe wiring can go a long way in preventing a dangerous situation and keeping your family safe from smoke and fire damage. American Restoration specializes in restoration in the aftermath of flooding and fires; but we’d rather you stay safe and happy during the holiday season by doing some easy home assessments and repairs. Here are some warning signs to look out for when it comes to the electrical wiring in your home.

If your circuit breaker is routinely going out during normal, everyday usage, it could be symptomatic of a larger issue with your electrical wiring. In general, your breaker protects your home by preventing the flow of amps from exceeding the amount that your circuit is rated for, but over time breakers can require maintenance, or even need to be replaced. Blowing fuses is relatively common, and indicates a surge in the energy flow in your home, but if you find that you are replacing them often, there may be too many amps running through the circuit, or you may have a short in the wiring. Don’t just replace the fuse or the breaker when you encounter this problem, instead, enlist the help of a certified electrician who can accurately assess the condition of the wiring and make sure that your home isn’t at risk of fire.

There are other, more direct, signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to the electricity in your home. Lights that dim, or flicker, and outlets that buzz or have an odor are very clear signs of an electrical issue. While some flickering can occur in conjunction with bad weather, if you notice these signs during a normal, sunny New Mexico day, they are clear indications of faulty wiring or a short. Outlets or switches that give you a small electrical shock are also a cause for worry, as is any sign of smoke. Any of these conditions can cause a fire, so keep a fire extinguisher handy while you wait on the arrival of a skilled electrician.

Older homes are more at-risk for home fires related to wiring simply because they are more likely to have old, worn out wiring in place. If you live in an older home and your wiring has never been replaced, consider a bit of preventative care by rewiring your home, or at least having your wiring evaluated for safety. Prevent an emergency and the need for restoration services by taking easy, proactive steps for preventing fire. If you have more questions about remediation services offered by American Restoration, or how to protect your home from flooding and fire damage this holiday season, get in touch!