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It’s 2 am and you’re sound asleep when suddenly you’re awakened by the unwelcome shrill sound of your fire alarm. Half asleep, yet running on adrenaline, you inhale smoke and know you need to get out of the house! In this situation, when you need to think and act fast, would you and your family know what to do? American Restoration Water & Fire recommends having an emergency fire escape plan. It can save your life!

Make a plan! Every household should know what to do in case of a house fire, and they should practice the plan several times a year. Make sure that every member of your family knows two ways to get out of every room. If your home is two stories, consider having escape ladders in place. Teach everyone in your household, including small children, to stop drop and roll if their clothing catches fire. Practice low crawling. American Restoration suggests you identify a safe location where everyone agrees to meet up after evacuating.

When you hear that smoke alarm, according to American Red Cross, you have about two minutes to get out safely. So make a plan. Know what to do so if you ever experience a house fire you won’t be paralyzed with fear. Practice your evacuation procedure with your family until everyone can complete it in two minutes or less! American Restoration cares about your safety.

American Red Cross has provided this Fire Evacuation Plan worksheet for families like yours so you can stay safe in case of an emergency.