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Regardless of the scope of damage, if a fire has struck your home or business, you’ll need to enlist professional help. Restoration after fire and smoke is a delicate task best handled by the experienced fire damage team at American Restoration Water & Fire. Our technicians are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration in fire damage restoration. Although predicting a fire is impossible, you can make recovery easier by learning the basics of fire damage restoration services and knowing what to expect.

Assess the Damage

First and foremost, even if the fire has finished burning or extinguished, ensure you and your family are safe, as the scene can still be very hazardous. Burning plastics and fabrics release harmful gases like carbon monoxide and cyanide, while structural damage can cause collapse. Only enter any structure or room once the fire department has permitted you. After, call us. The first step our professionals will take is to assess the damage to your property. Once our team has assessed the full extent of the damage, we will present you with a comprehensive restoration plan.

Clean Up and Smoke Removal

Next, we’ll adequately secure your home by removing items and isolating rooms to prevent soot spread. Our team will then begin the cleaning process with the help of specialized tools. Using vacuums and sprayers, we’ll clean up soot, ash and deodorize the smoke odor. This residue can lead to corrosion, etching, discoloration, and lingering unpleasant smells. Tiny soot particles can pollute the air and cause health issues if inhaled. At the same time, smoke odor can even seep into hidden areas of the building. Post-clean-up, restoring your home to its best version is next up.

Construction and Restoration

After damage has been assessed and residue cleanup completed, the next step will be reconstruction and restoring the main structure. Luckily, if our American Restoration Water & Fire team has completed the initial processes for you, this one should be straightforward. Being familiar with the damage, we’ll uniquely understand your property’s reconstruction needs. Choosing an unfamiliar contractor can lead to further damage and unnecessary costs. We’ll know what permits to obtain before reconstruction and you’ll feel better knowing that we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

While we hope no family ever has to experience fire damage, if it affects you, rest assured that American Restoration is here to provide expert assistance in restoration and reconstruction every step of the way!