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Ah, the snow is here, and it’s a welcoming sight to the usual brown and sporadic tree and weed landscape we see in the Fall. And look, icicles are hanging off the edges of the roof. These are also called ice dams. They can build up and cause damage to your home and roof. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC is here to help you figure out the best way to deal with them before they cause costly repairs.

Ice dams are created by water runoff freezing before it can completely fall off your roof and builds up creating a “dam”. Ice dams are notorious for the unexpected damage they can do: they can loosen shingles, tear off gutters, and can even create a water buildup in your home which can lead to soggy walls, paint, and wet insulation in the attic. Wet insulation can harbor mold and mildew which can be dangerous to your health. Here are some steps you can take to help prevent the buildup of ice dams:

  • Properly insulate your attic: this will help reduce the amount of heat that leaves your home through the roof which causes the water runoff to begin with.
  • Make sure your attic is adequately ventilated, so it remains cold and reduces the thawing of snow before the majority can all melt when the sun comes out.
  • Install a water repellent roof membrane.
  • Clean your gutters before the snowstorm hits to prevent water from backing up into your home.

Here are some ways to get rid of ice dams or “icicles” before they cause damage:

  • Apply an “ice melting” product on the ice dams.
    • Flat Roof: If you can safely get to your roof, you sweep off the snow!
  • If the weather is going to remain too cold for the ice dams to melt without intervention, it may be time to hire a professional to come out and remove them. If you notice that the ice dams are getting larger, be sure to watch for signs of water damage.

When there are snow and ice be sure that you are taking care of your safety first. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC will be there to help you with any water damage your home may experience from winter weather. Contact the professionals at American Restoration to have the job done right, to begin with!