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It is now Fall in New Mexico, and with the changing seasons comes the falling of leaves. Fall leaves may be beautiful, but dry leaves in your yard can lead to several fire hazards. Thankfully, the experts at American Restoration are here with a few tips to help prevent the fire hazards caused by dry fallen leaves.

  • Do not burn them: New Mexico is notorious for its dry climate. Burning leaves is not only illegal, but it could cause the fire to spread. Burning leaves can also produce smoke which causes respiratory problems.
  • Clean up leaves under your vehicle: Your vehicle includes moving parts that can get very hot. Although it is not common, you could unintentionally start a fire if you park on a pile of dry leaves. It is also best to avoid parking your car under any trees that are shedding leaves.
  • Composting: Composting is a great idea for any excess leaves, as leaves are considered organic material and are beneficial for gardening or improving other areas of your yard.
  • Rake your leaves: The easiest way to clean up fallen leaves is to rake them and condense them in bags. Frequently cleaning up dry leaves in your yard will help keep your yard clean and free of fire hazards. Some cities even offer free pickup for yard waste during the fall months!

Keeping your home free of fire hazards is a big responsibility. Taking steps to ensure your home and your family are safe is crucial. Accidents can happen, but it’s always smart to be prepared and take preventative measures. If you have any questions or experience fire damage to your home, reach out to the team at American Restoration in Albuquerque. We are here to help!