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American Restoration Water & Fire has seen it all, and hoarding is at the top of the list of dangerous living conditions. Several reasons hoarding is destructive to your home include fire risk, mold growth, and structural and water damage. The damage to your home often doesn’t become an issue until extensive hoarding tendencies have caused damage or structural problems to the breaking point. 

Fire Risk: Hoarding tendencies may include stacking items on top of one another and blocking exits and windows. Occupants at this level would be unable to exit their homes safely if a fire were to start. Emergency personnel would also be unable to quickly identify where home occupants were located. 

Water Damage: Unable to quickly and effectively identify a leak in your home could lead to structural damage. This type of damage is often associated with homeowners that hoard, which causes structural damage because of the weight of the items. 

Mold Growth:  Occasionally, the slow spread of water damage can cause mold growth. When hoarding takes over, smells can come from anywhere and be everywhere. Mold typically has a distinct smell, and it can be hard to pinpoint a certain area. 

It’s easy to point out the risk and liabilities that happen when occupants are hoarders, and their home begins to crumble from the inside out.  American Restoration Water & Fire will show up to help you through a difficult time. We are experts in water damage and fire damage and work closely with insurance to ensure your home and its structure are safe for you to enter again.