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Fall weather has officially set in, and our trees are back to being bare. That means that our yards are now full of dead, dry leaves, spread throughout our yard, in our gutters, and in places they should not be. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC has some helpful and useful information on the importance of properly cleaning your yard up after your trees and neighboring trees fill your yard with those once beautiful green leaves.

The wind can often be a choice for homeowners; leaving the yard clean up to nature, but that isn’t necessarily the best idea. Dry leaves can be extremely flammable if they are not cleaned up; they have no moisture or water content so they can catch fire easily and potentially move on to your home.

Rain can often be another headache when it comes to uncleaned leaves. When wet leaves are in piles on your roof, moisture can become trapped, and that moisture can find its way into your home by damaging your roof or seeping through your shingles. Leaves can cause damage to your roof and harbor harmful bacteria that can seep into your home.  If you are uncomfortable with removing leaves from your roof, contact a professional leaf removal company to take care of it for you. Landscapers can also remove leaves that are built-up in your gutters that may be causing an overflow of water.

Leaves that are left unattended have a way of making their way into HVAC systems, causing low airflow and making your unit work harder than it should, which can decrease its working lifespan. Make sure that your roof A/C and outside ground-level A/C remain clear of any leaf debris. Airflow is very important in the efficiency of your overall heating and cooling needs.

Leaves often are not thought of as a hazard to the home, but they can cause damage you were not expecting to pay. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC has seen it all, and we have restored it all too. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of restoring your home and how to protect it from things like dry leaves and the damage that wet leaves can cause too.