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At American Restoration we’ve seen countless cases of homes and families devastated by the growth of toxic mold. Not only is mold growth unattractive, but it can have significant impact on health as well as compromise the structure and foundation of your home. Mold is categorized as a fungus, and as such it eats, breathes, and grows when left uninhibited. This may not seem like a dangerous process, but when humans reside in a home with mold, there can be numerous negative health impacts.

For otherwise healthy people, living in a home with mold can cause upper respiratory symptoms like coughing, and can exasperate the condition of asthma. Often times, homeowners might be suffering from the symptoms related to these conditions without even realizing what the cause is.

Typically, mold forms wherever there is excessive moisture, particularly any area that has been affected by water damage. These conditions might be caused by faulty home appliances like a swamp cooler, or a leak in the foundation of the home during New Mexico’s flood season. Regardless of the root cause of the problem, once mold has taken root in the home, it can spread throughout your living area. Other symptoms of excessive mold exposure might include a worsening of allergies, itchiness, or difficulty of breathing. Of course, if you think you’ve been exposed to toxic mold, you should consult your physician with any questions, and then promptly call in mold removal experts.

If you notice mold in your home, you’ll probably also have simultaneously noticed damage to the roof or foundation of your home- a sagging, discolored ceiling, warped wooden floors, or condensation near windows or on certain sections of wall. These are all indications of the potential for mold growth, as well as the necessity of making repairs to your home.

Our certified experts at American Restoration ensure your continued health by inspecting your space, identifying excessive humidity issues, and identifying where insufficient ventilation exists. After discovering the root cause of your mold problem, we can then effectively and permanently eliminate mold in your home.

Have questions about mold or the work we do at American Restoration? Get in touch with us for your water, fire, and mold damage questions!