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Water damage can occur due to various things like a burst pipe, leaking roof, backed-up drain, or natural disaster. Regardless of the cause, it can cause significant damage to your property, and that’s why prompt action is necessary. Our team of experts at American Restoration Water & Fire possesses the knowledge to clean the affected area and rebuild the structure(s) of your damaged walls, floors, and ceilings. Water damage can often be hazardous and is broken down into three categories:

Category 1: The water that causes this damage is clean and probably from a tap. Despite being sanitary and posing minimal health risks, it can become polluted if ignored. It’s also worth noting that cleanliness at the outset doesn’t guarantee that it can’t become contaminated if left alone and not cleaned up properly.

Category 2: Water contaminated with chemicals or organic matter can cause discomfort or sickness if contacted by humans or animals. This is usually caused by broken toilets, broken sump pumps, and/or seepage.

Category 3: This is the most dangerous type of water damage, as it’s caused by grossly contaminated water. The water in this category tends to hold hazardous bacteria, pesticides, metals, or other harmful and toxic substances. It requires immediate action and should only be handled by an IICRC-approved restoration professional.

If you’ve experienced water damage, let American Restoration Water & Fire help. We will thoroughly assess the area to determine the nature and category of water damage. We acknowledge that certain damage may be concealed, but our experts are proficient in uncovering such damage. Should there be any damage to the structure or personal items, we will let you know what requires repair or replacement and work with your insurance provider to facilitate your claim.