When you experience a flood in your home, it can be from water coming down from the ceiling, leaking from your laundry room or even your toilet. It’s important to address the type of water because that will help the professionals with American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC determine the proper way to clean and restore your home. 

There are three types of flood waters, and depending on who you ask, this can range in varying terms but all mean the same thing. 

Clean Water: Clean water flood waters happen when home appliances begin to malfunction: toilets, washing machines and even broken water pipes. Clean water is water that does not pose an immediate health risk, and should be taken care of within 48 hours. 

Grey Water: Greywater refers to water that has not been contaminated by fecal matter. Grey water flooding can be caused by weather events or broken pipes. Grey water is not limited to showers, washers, dishwashers, and toilets. Grey water does contain pathogens that when ingested can cause you to feel ill. Greywater should be cleaned up by the professionals at American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC as it can seep into carpets and drywall. 

Blackwater: When you encounter flooding that contains black water, which contains human fecal matter and other dangerous toxins, you should immediately vacate the premises and call in our professional team of technicians. Blackwater can be caused by septic tank malfunctions and come in from toilets or the shower and floor drains. These types of floods in your home are the most dangerous and should be taken care of immediately. 

American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC recommends that you call in a restoration team to help you deal with any and all types of floodwaters that enter your home. When you have our team take care of your home restoration needs, we work with you every step of the way ensuring that it’s completed to your satisfaction.