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Mold is a fungal growth that thrives on a lot of moisture. It’s unwelcome in most households for doing severe damages to walls, floors, ceilings, and primarily your health! It’s not always easy to know if mold is toxic and dangerous, so here are some signs to look for.

Know the Signs

Toxic mold is detected mainly by sight. It grows in anyplace that moisture thrives. Mold appears as green, brown or black spots or patterns. It could appear on walls, floors, ceilings and inanimate items.

The Problem Could Worsen

Black mold is the worst form that has the most serious health hazards. It needs a lot of water and a long time to grow without interference. This type of mold is common in severely flooded homes and buildings. Humans or animals breathe in more of the toxins the longer that they remain in the contaminated areas. A common solution is to contact a restoration provider like American Restoration that handles all forms of black mold and its removal.

Known Health Risks

The health risks of being exposed to mold are varied. Some problems affect the respiratory system, causing inflamed sinuses, coughing and difficulty breathing. Other problems are neurological, such as headaches and lack of concentration, that are caused by exposure to high levels of the toxin.

If you feel your home may have mold, call American Restoration to identify and remove the mold and then prevent it from returning. Whether your home flooded, or the patio is constantly damp, we have safe, effective solutions to identify and remove toxic mold.