An unexpected fire is devastating, can happen in an instant and you could lose everything you own. In the fire you might lose personal and private property, your home or even your business. But what’s worse, is the emotional loss fire can cause. The toll on your family, your finances, and the overall loss can be crippling.

We know uncontrollable fires can happen from fireplaces, stoves and faulty electrical. But, what about the risks we don’t normally think about? What are some of the more uncommon causes of fires that could be in your home or business right now?

-Clothes Dryers

It’s amazing to wash a load of laundry and throw it in the dryer and forget about it. Come back an hour later to fresh, clean clothes. How often do you clean the lint trap though? Fires can start from buildup of lint in dryers due the intense heat and dry conditions. To avoid the potential of a fire, clean out your dryer traps at every use. In addition, pull out the dryer and clean any loose lint and dirt, focusing on the ventilation every few months.


Everyone’s house has dust and it can be everywhere, just look underneath the fridge. But did you know dust is extremely flammable? Dust can accumulate anywhere and cause a potential fire hazard. Avoid the heartache and vacuum your home or business often.

-Toaster Crumbs

Everyone likes toast, right? But, when is the last time you cleaned your toaster? Excessive bread crumbs at the bottom of a toaster can be dangerous. Fire can ignite and spread in a mater of seconds. Enjoy the buttered toast but remember to clean out the toaster after each use to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Fires can devastate homes and business’ anywhere, be proactive in protecting your property from a fire hazard. So, remember, if the unimaginable ever does happen, the locally owned and experienced team at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC can help in restoration and cleanup to get your home or business back in order.