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Warning Signs of an Electrical Fire


Your home is an expensive asset, so it pays to know the warning signs of an electrical fire. Did you know that by the time an electrical fire has started, it only takes three minutes for your home to become engulfed? American Restoration values the importance of informing our community of the warning signs of an electrical fire. Here are some of the most common signs for you to know in order to quickly detect when something isn’t right.

  1. A Burning Smell You Can’t Find

-This is often the #1 way to figure out if you have an electrical problem. The first thing you should do is turn off the breaker to the room with the outlet that you think is starting to burn. If the smells begin to dissipate American Restoration recommends that you call one of their skilled technicians to evaluate the situation. 

    2.Breakers That Keep Tripping

-It is totally normal to trip your breaker every now and then but not all the time. Breakers that trip frequently can mean a few different things:

-Your circuit can easily become overloaded. When this happens your breaker will trip in an effort to cool the wiring down. 

-Faulty wiring can also trigger your circuit breaker to keep tripping. Faulty wiring is far more dangerous than an overloaded circuit. 

-Ground fault, which occurs mostly in areas of higher moisture like a bathroom or shower. The hot wire can touch a copper wire which is attached to a metal box and that gives it enough energy to ignite. 

  1. Charred or Discolored Outlets

-This should automatically signal you to turn off power to that room. Immediately call an electrician with American Restoration to evaluate that room and to get it fixed before it can become a bigger and more costly problem. 

Our experienced electricians on staff here at American Restoration take pride in making sure your family is safe and providing peace of mind. Call us today to schedule an appointment to evaluate the condition of your home’s wiring and to fix any potential problems that could cause more harm later down the road. If you believe you smell smoke or see anything concerning fire, call 911 immediately.