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Water Damage Restoration in Santa Fe

Water damage can be caused by rapid rains, storms, a broken washing machine, a burst pipe, or even just a faucet left running. Water damage can happen to anyone at any time. If your Santa Fe home or business is affected by water damage, it’s important to call American Restoration Water & Fire, LLC, immediately.

Our licensed and experienced technicians will completely remove excess water from your property, dry out the area, and then clean everything so that mold and bacteria cannot grow. When water damage is taken care of quickly, the likelihood of issues such as mold growth significantly decreases.

Water Damage Cleanup Process

American Restoration uses a highly advanced water damage cleanup process. We start with a thorough assessment of the affected areas of your home or business to determine the best course of action. Once a plan is made, we remove excess water using heavy-duty water pumps and wet-dry vacuums. Once all excess water is gone, we use powerful drying equipment to dry the area – including those spots behind walls and under flooring or baseboards or anywhere else water has made its way into. Dehumidifiers may be brought in, too, to help speed up the drying process. Dehumidifiers remove water from the air which also helps deter mold growth. Cleaning the water-damaged area is the next step of the water damage cleanup process. Water damage cleanup experts use special cleaners that discourage mold growth.

Once this is done, the area can be restored. The restoration process differs from home to home. As mentioned, it may mean replacing carpet and a broken pipe in one home or rebuilding walls and reinforcing foundations in another. American Restoration has decades of combined experience with mold damage cleanup and restoration. Our water damage teams have seen it all and know how to take care of any situation.

Our goal is to restore your home or other property to its pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible at a low cost to you. We work closely with your insurance company to make the process as painless as possible. For water damage restoration in Santa Fe, New Mexico, call American Restoration at (505) 206-5277 and request a free estimate today.

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