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Water damage can be the result of a burst pipe, a leaking roof, a backed-up drain or a natural disaster. Whatever the cause, it can wreak havoc on your home or business and requires immediate and decisive action. If, like thousands of other home and business owners, you have the misfortune of experiencing water damage, let the flood damage team at American Restoration Water & Fire LLC help you through it. Call us at (505) 206-5277 anytime of day, any day of the week. We’ll respond immediately, across New Mexico!

How serious is water damage?

mold buildup under tilesWater damage can often be more destructive than meets the eye. Not only does water break down carpeting or wood flooring, but underneath, if left exposed to standing water for too long, mold will eventually begin to grow on the wood framing. Mold will break down fibers and rot the wood, compromising the structural integrity of the building. In addition, depending on the type of water damage, flooding can pose a serious health risk.

It is extremely important that the moment you notice structural discoloration (such as copper colored water rings), bulging paint or drywall, or mold and mildew buildup on your walls, that you take action immediately. By the time you actually see the damage, that water damage may have already spread much further than the immediately perceived area. That’s why it’s best to bring in help from a cleanup and restoration company like American Restoration. We have the knowledge to not only topically clean the affected area, but to rebuilt the structure of your damaged walls, floors and ceilings. Standing water can become very dangerous and is broken down into three categories of water damage:

Category 1: The water that causes this damage is clean, perhaps straight from a faucet. Because it comes from a sanitary source, it poses little to no health risk, but keep in mind that just because it starts out clean, doesn’t mean it can’t become contaminated if left alone.

Category 2: Contaminated water causes category 2 water damage. This water may contain chemicals or organic matter that can harm humans or animals.

Category 3: This is the most dangerous type of water damage, as it’s caused by grossly contaminated water. This water is likely to carry harmful bacteria, pesticides, metals and or other toxic and dangerous matter. This type of water damage requires immediate action, and should only be handled by an IICRC approved restoration professional.

WARNING: Significant health risks can be associated with water damage and the restoration process. Health risks include illness and even death if the restoration of the structure is not properly cleared of any potential mold or mildew that can easily be left behind. American Restoration Water & Fire strongly recommends you hire only trained and certified professionals for all water, fire, and mold damage restoration projects.   

water damage from busted pipesAmerican Restoration Water & Fire will conduct a full assessment of the area to determine the type and extent of your water damage. Some water damage may be unseen, but our professional team will work to uncover hidden damage. If there is any structural decay or harm to personal belongings, we will determine what needs to be repaired or replaced and work with your insurance company to process a claim. We will help you pack up your belongings for safe keeping through the duration of the restoration process. No two situations are exactly alike, so American Restoration Water & Fire LLC treats every restoration project with the utmost care.

Once the water damaged area has been cleaned and is ready to be remodeled, we work quickly to make all needed repairs so that you can again be living comfortably in your home or working productively in your place of business. So call us at (505) 206-5277 for water damage restoration!