Coming home to gushing water that has flooding every room in your home is a nightmare come to life. The water can cause damage to everything including the floors, walls, and valuable items such as priceless furniture and antiques. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC is committed to informing our customer-base about the importance of knowing how to locate and use your home’s water shut-off valve. When you know this, you can prevent further damage from ravaging the things in your home you hold dear to your heart.

Street Side Shut-Off Valve: This will be the easiest and sometimes the quickest valve to get to. Your water enters your home from the street side, so towards the front of your home, you will find a manhole-type metal or plastic plate that you can lift, most commonly with the help of a flat head screwdriver. You should call your water company’s emergency line and they can further direct you to shut off their valve if you cannot easily turn the valve yourself.

Individual Room Shut Off: Water is coming from somewhere, so if it is coming from the pipes under your sink, there should be an individual water shut off valve that is easy to turn off without having to turn off the home’s main water supply. If the leak is coming from your washer, the water shut off valve will be located on the wall. You will need to turn off both the hot and cold water valves in this instance. In each room in your home that features a water appliance like a toilet, shower, or sink, there will be easy to locate water shut-off valves. Remember, righty-tightey-lefty-loosey!

If you have turned off every valve inside the home and water is still making its way in from somewhere, your best bet will be to turn the home’s main water supply off by the main road. American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC knows how quickly water can damage your home, that is why we have an emergency response team that will get there right when you need us most. For all of your home restoration needs, American Restoration is here to help!