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Mold Mites are tiny hairy insects found primarily in residential and commercial properties with water damage or mold. Damp and moist conditions encourage the breeding of mold mites. They feed on fungi, and due to their small body size, it can make it difficult for property owners to identify and distinguish among their various classes.

The appearance of green, purple, or brown sludge in the walls opening may indicate the presence of mites. Mold mite outbreaks in your home and business is a nuisance. The insects have hairs that they use as sensory organs. The wind is the primary cause of hair breakage in mold mites. Once they break down, new hair starts growing to replace them. The accumulation of these hairs in homes and work areas causes skin irritation and respiratory reaction and may aggravate allergic conditions among the affected.

Homeowners should seek the help of American Restoration Water and Fire LLC because we offer comprehensive solutions for dealing with all types of mites. Our experienced and certified staff will use high-resolution cameras with the ability to zoom in to distinguish between cheese, dust, and mold mites.


Treatment for Mold Mites

The primary treatment process for mold mites involves mold removal to starve the insects. The method may involve regularly cleaning surfaces in your home. You can use dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture in damp areas as they are responsible for facilitating mold growth. You can also eliminate mold mites by regularly opening your door and windows to ensure air circulation to prevent mold growth.

The failure of the above methods to eliminate mold mites indicates heavy infestation that requires professional expertise. American Restoration Water and Fire LLC provide professional mold mites elimination services.

Our certified staff will offer you mold removal services and remedies to kill mold mites in all areas of New Mexico. Call us today to eliminate mold mites in your home or business.