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With winter upon us, temperatures will be dropping steadily as the cold weather puts a grip on many areas of New Mexico. Being aware of space heater misuse/fire risk is essential to reducing the chance of a fire in the home. With 79 percent of fire deaths caused by space home heaters, according to a report that was noted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it’s best to be aware of proper use as the cold weather causes an increase in space heater usage.

The NFPA’s VP of communications, Lorraine Carli, emphasized the fact that 50 percent of space heater fires begin due to something being very close to the heater. An object and a space heater need a safe distance of three feet or more, as noted by Lorraine Carli.

At American Restoration Water and Fire, we try our best to keep our current and future customers informed about how to be warm, but safe from a fire hazard.

American Restoration Water and Fire is a company that can assess issues in your home or business, like smoke damage caused by fire. Our company also covers the rebuilding and repair of your home or business.

We cover many cities in the state of New Mexico and have licensed professionals who are skilled in the area of loss management. Our company makes sure that the recovery process for the homeowner or business owner is both cost-effective and efficient.

American Restoration Water and Fire also has a Cleaning and Restoration Certification and is BBB A+ Certified.