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When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, there can be lots of confusion surrounding some terminology, such as an “Act of God.” An Act of God is a legal term often used in insurance, contracts, construction, and more to describe an event, often a natural disaster, for which no human being can be held accountable. Usually events involving fire, flood, and other crises caused by natural disasters are covered under an Act of God stipulation. While all insurance policies are different in how they choose to manage and cover individual events, American Restoration is here to supply you with some basic criteria you may find useful in defining what this term means.

An Act of God is always an event that is impossible to avoid. The event causing the damage is unforeseen, and the outcome is totally unavoidable. Sometimes it is a natural disaster that occurs suddenly, or it is an event that cannot be controlled due to its power or the lack of time for preparation. Whatever it is, for something to qualify as an Act of God, human activity is never the root cause.

Acts of God are usually caused entirely by nature. For example, we haven’t quite reached the end of 2014’s hurricane season, but almost unanimously, insurance carriers categorize damages from hurricanes as an Act of God. The unpredictable and unpreventable nature of hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and the like makes damages incurred under these conditions likely candidates for Act of God coverage. In short, if humans cannot stop an event from happening despite prior warning, that’s an Act of God.

If your home is affected by disaster of any kind, no matter the cause, check with your home insurance provider for all the details on what’s covered under this designation and what your options are, then give us a call. If you’ve been affected by recent flooding in New Mexico, fire, or any other disaster, American Restoration is ready to rebuild your home and help you reclaim your life.