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If you have experienced a home fire you know the damage and toll it takes on you and your family. American Restoration Water & Fire knows that there are specific things in a certain order that has to be done as soon as the flames are out and the chaos of watching your possessions burn is over with. Here are 8 things you need to do as soon as possible:

  • Insurance: This is when that home insurance you pay for comes in handy- they should be one of the first people you call. *If you are uninsured, try to reach out to your community to help provide aid.*
  • Find A Safe Place To Stay:  Often your insurance will cover the cost of the place you are going to stay whether it be a hotel or a rental, so try not to stress about that! 
  • Vet Visit: If your pet was inside the home during the fire, they should be evaluated by their veterinarian. Smoke inhalation damage can wreak havoc soon after the adrenaline wears off. 
  • Documents: Once your home is safe to enter, gather all your important documents if they aren’t burnt. This is also an ideal time to document the loss of personal and expensive belongings- your insurance is going to want to know about them.
  • Fire Report: Ask for a copy of the fire report. 
  • Keep Your Receipts: Everything you purchase to help recover from the loss of the fire can be turned into insurance. 
  • Keep Up With Your Finances: Your home may be gone, but you still need to make sure you keep up with mortgage payments and vehicle payments. 
  • Check-In With Each Other: This is going to be a process, and may take weeks to months to recover from. It’s important that everyone has a clear understanding of what to expect and how long it may take. This is also a good time to talk about the good that can come from this. 

American Restoration Water & Fire knows that these events cause disruption in daily routines. We will work tirelessly to get you back into your home as quickly and as safely as possible. We will work directly with your insurance company so that you don’t become the middleman messenger. For all of your home restoration needs, American Restoration Water & Fire is here to help in any way we can!