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It’s monsoon season and with that comes the unfortunate potential for flooding to occur. However, flooding can also occur from a burst pipe or backed-up drain. You can minimize damage and expedite recovery by promptly addressing the issue and contacting a reliable restoration company like American Restoration Water & Fire. Meanwhile, you can take a few steps to mitigate the recovery process.

Turn Off the Electricity

If this can be done safely, you will want to turn the power off at its primary source. Water can conduct electricity and result in serious harm or even death from electric shock. Not to mention, if in the wrong place, it can ignite nearby items, making problems even worse. If you cannot access the fuse box or other equipment without entering the water, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional to switch it off.

Remove What You Can and Document Everything

Remove any belongings that may have been exposed to water immediately. The longer they remain wet, the greater the mold growth damage and risk. Therefore, removing and drying any items you can safely is crucial. Furthermore, to prepare for the insurance adjuster, note everything the flooding has damaged. Additionally, document all the flooding-related damage by taking videos or photos with your phone. Although, it is recommended to wear suitable protective gear before entering the house.

Leave the Premises Safely

After attempting to turn off the power and remove certain belongings, it is important to vacate the premises along with your family and pets. Proceed outside and plan to stay with a family member or friend while the cleanup process is underway. Floodwater can carry harmful contaminants that can make you sick, so you’ll want to wait until the area has been thoroughly cleaned before returning.

By following these essential steps, you can effectively address flooding issues and minimize water damage while we get to you. Prioritizing safety, documenting damage, and temporarily relocating from the affected area all contribute to a more effective recovery process and will help you maintain your property and your family’s well-being. Once we arrive, our professionals will promptly complete the initial damage cleanup and necessary repairs, allowing you to live comfortably in your home again. Call American Restoration at (505) 206-5277 for professional water damage restoration services.