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Now that monsoon season is upon us, American Restoration Water & Fire has compiled a list of what you can expect and steps you can take to ensure that your home will not be susceptible to water damage. It’s always a welcome sign when the clouds move in, and the smell of rain is in the air! Most states don’t understand why we go outside as soon as it starts raining; they get rain and could go without it, but New Mexico is always in desperate need of rain!

One of the first things that take place for monsoon season is replacing the dry westerly winds that are rampant during the spring months and replacing it with the cool, moist winds from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This typically takes place from June 15th through September 30th. According to the NOAA, data that has been recorded since 1990, New Mexico has increased its average temperature by 3.3*F. Our climate is changing rapidly, so when we do have moisture in the air, here are some steps you can take to prevent water damage.


  • Begin by making sure that your roof is clear of damage.

  • Check your home’s drainage and fix problem areas before they get worse.

  • Seal any opening you see on the exterior of your stucco and windows.

  • Have a plan in place if there is a power outage.


Here at American Restoration Water & Fire, we understand that even taking preventative measures to protect your home, things happen, and water damage is one of them. If your home experiences water damage from our New Mexico monsoon season, give us a call, and we can get your home back to being in tip-top shape!