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Most of the time, the signs of water damage are easy to spot– however, sometimes those elusive leaks are quite hard to detect when you’re shopping for a new home. Although prior water damage should always be disclosed, there is nothing wrong with being aware of what to look for and observing potential new homes for signs. Here are some of the things American Restoration Water & Fire recommends you look for:

Start with a broad inspection. Look closely at baseboards in every room of the house. If you notice warped or stained baseboards, that’s an almost sure sign of a previous leak. If the seller hasn’t disclosed a prior flooding incident and you see issues with the baseboards, be very cautious.

Next look at the paint. If you notice cracked paint anywhere, there’s a possibility the house has undergone water damage in the past.

You can also look outside the home, at the grade of the ground surrounding the home. Check for unusually drastic drop offs toward the home. There will be spots that are level with the foundation, and places that drop abruptly. While you’re looking at the foundation and siding, be on the lookout for stains. These could be tell-tale signs of a past flood.

American Restoration Water & Fire recommends identifying any possible past water damage before purchasing. It’s a good idea to hire a respectable inspector, they’ll see things that you can’t! Past water damage can cause toxic mold to grow, not to mention permanent damage to the structure of the home. If you’re looking to sell your home but you know of past water damage, contact American Restoration. We can help you restore your home to its pre-flood condition!