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Living in a dry climate means that some houses are built with flat roofs. Unlike states that receive well at or above their average rainfall, New Mexico is typically in drought in one region or another. When customers call the professionals at American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC about a leak coming from their ceiling, one of the first things we ask is “is it slanted or flat?” And that generally gives us an idea of what we are dealing with. 

When monsoon season does hit our dry climate, it can be damaging as well, and especially for homes with flat roofs that don’t have proper drainage. American Restoration Water & Fire are committed to informing their communities throughout New Mexico about why leaks happen on flat roofs and steps you, the homeowner, can take to help prevent what could be a costly expense later down the road. 

  • Inspect It Regularly: flat roofs are easier to walk on and should be checked every few months. You should look for: loose seams, stagnant water, blisters, rust, and cracks. You may also consider having your roof inspected a minimum of once a year by a professional roofing company.
  • Clear All Debris: We have a lot of wind in the metro and combine that with a flat roof and you’re sure to find debris piles on your roof. This should be cleaned up frequently. Debris can cause moisture retention and can cause mold and algae to grow. 
  • Check The Drainage: flat roofs are especially prone to saggy spots. These spots will have standing water, and this is an indication that the drainage is not set correctly in this area. A roofing specialist will need to inspect the area but more than likely it will need to be leveled out and made sure that it drains where it needs to. 
  • Prompt Leak Fixing: when it rains, it can pour and this will help determine where the leak is coming from. Be sure to seal areas in your roof that cause leaking into your home. The longer it sits un-repaired, the worse it can get. 

Your home is a big investment, and one of the main causes of leaks in your home is roof negligence. Be sure to take the time your roof requires to keep it in excellent condition! Leaks happen, and when they do, American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC is here to assist you in getting it taken care of.