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Being a homeowner is exciting and making your home your little oasis can be gratifying, but with that comes some need-to-know fundamentals when landscaping around your home. Homeowners often plant things that bring you and your family joy, comfort, and beauty. One of the things most homeowners plant is trees, which, when fully grown, provide shade to keep your home cooler during the summer and provide a sense of security around your home. Unfortunately, American Restoration Water & Fire has been to many homes that have experienced damage from trees either planted too close to the home or homes that have been built too close to their root system.

These main problems often arise when a tree is too close to your home’s foundation:

  • The roots can put pressure on your foundation, causing it to crack and sink.
  • The changes in soil moisture mean that the soil is loosening and tightening, which can put too much pressure on your foundation.
  • The house’s foundation settling on the roots can crack the foundation and weaken the stability of your home.

When the root system of your tree’s spread, they look for water sources. Over time, trees planted too close to your home’s foundation can easily grow into your water lines. The unsuspecting homeowner will have to deal with a series of things: water damage and a cracked foundation and then finding the right team of people to all work together to get your home back to its glory.

Time is of the essence if you are experiencing broken water lines and water damage in your home. American Restoration Water & Fire hires and trains our employees to handle and effectively get your home back to the way you want it. If your home experiences water damage outside of normal operating business hours, American Restoration offers a 24-hour emergency response team to call when disaster strikes.