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Black mold exposure can be one of the most harmful things that can get into your home after a flood or water damage. Without some sort of flood restoration directly after a flood, mold can spread throughout the entire home, especially if there are plenty of moist, dark places to support it. If you find mold in your home, you should contact American Restoration as quickly as possible to start the mold removal process.

The Problem
Water damage and home flooding provide a perfect habitat for mold: Most homes already have a number of dark places, such as closets, HVAC ducting, and some rooms in the house. A flood provides the moisture, and without some sort of flood restoration, the humidity can linger. Combined with the dark, you have the perfect environment for a mold infestation.

While adults, especially those with respiration issues, can be hit hard by mold, children and pets are especially vulnerable. Exposure can exacerbate already existing conditions, creating skin and eye irritation, itching, rashes, and even headaches. It can also affect their growing mind due to its toxins, often displaying as memory problems, anxiety, numbness, trembling or shaking, dizziness, slow reflexes, and short attention spans.

Pets can suffer even more as they are more likely to eat infected foods as well as have a smaller body mass.

While a doctor’s visit can relieve some of these problems and even cure them if caught soon enough, mold is usually insidious enough that the infection may have been occurring for a long time prior to being found out.

Fixing the Problem
Fortunately, American Restoration specializes in mold removal. We can inspect your home, set up a flood restoration protocol, and begin work on eliminating the mold from your home in very short order. We can also repair any damage done to your home by mold should the infestation have affected the foundation and wood of your home. You deserve a safe home, and American Restoration can help you ensure that.