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It’s time for the holidays, which means the arrival of festive décor and Christmas lights. As much as everyone loves Christmas decorations, they aren’t always easy to put up or even take down. The team at American Restoration is here with a few tips to ensure your holiday season is both merry and safe!

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, but there are many things to consider before you get your home ready for the season. When it comes to setting up Christmas lights, safety should come first. Surprisingly, on average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year. This is why it is important to ensure lights inside and outside your home are properly installed. Any lights or extension cords used on your home’s exterior should be rated for outdoor use. You can also save energy by using an exterior-rated timer for your lights to shut off at a designated time each evening. Be careful not to overload any outlets or extension cords. Do not plug in more lights that are recommended in succession. If you want to maximize the number of lights, using LED lights allows you to string more lights together compared to regular lights. For any lighting indoors, use indoor lights only. Lights meant for the exterior of your home burn hotter and are not appropriate for indoor use. When you are not home, it’s always safe to turn off all lights. This tip will help you save on energy and is a good safety practice.

When installing Christmas lights, ladder safety is another aspect to consider. First, make sure you choose the right ladder. It is good practice to use a fiberglass ladder, as fiberglass does not conduct electricity. Make sure you use the appropriate ladder angle when setting up the ladder. The ladder’s base should not be too close or far away from your home. As a rule of thumb, for every 4 feet of ladder height, the base should be 1 ft from the wall. It may seem silly to say, but lastly, ensure the ground at your ladder’s base is even and clear of any debris. These easy steps will set you up for success when decorating for the holidays.

The holidays are a time for joy and too many cookies. Taking simple precautions when setting up your Christmas décor can help avoid much bigger issues. For any questions or assistance with fire damage restoration, reach out to the experts at American Restoration in Albuquerque. We are available 24/7, no matter what the day.