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Modern life is full of convenience and time saving equipment that help us all get things done more quickly. From washing machines to dishwashers, these appliances add ease to our daily chores and help us find more time to relax during our hectic schedules. Unfortunately, American Restoration has seen many instances in which these appliances also create problems for their owners by causing flooding in the home. Let’s take a quick look at common household appliances that can cause flood damage and how you can prevent these accidents from happening.

Refrigerators can produce a lot of excess moisture- particularly when they’re working hard to cool food in a warm environment. As most residents of the state of New Mexico know, the temperatures can reach dizzying highs during the summer months! Most modern refrigerators are equipped with drain lines to eliminate excess fluids, but it is still possible for condensation to pool at the base of the machine. These drain lines can also become clogged and create flooding. Many refrigerators are also equipped with an ice machine, adding to their convenience, but doubling the chances of creating standing water when the water supply line leaks or becomes disconnected! We suggest regularly assessing the drain lines and water supply lines of your refrigerator to prevent water damage in your home.

Another culprit hiding out in your kitchen is the dishwasher. These appliances can malfunction in many ways. Strainers and float switches in the dishwasher should be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure they are functioning well, and any leaks should be dressed immediately to prevent flooding, and the need for mold removal later on.

Keep an eye on your washing machine, as well. This useful piece of equipment can cause flooding on a large scale. Washing machines channel a significant amount of water, so leaks can become quite dramatic. The most problematic parts of your washing machine, and those that need regular attention include the inlet connections, hose connections, center post gaskets, and the air dome seal and pump. If your washing machine leaks, be sure to call in a professional repairman, and if the damage is severe, enlist the help of the professionals at American Restoration to assess and repair your home