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American Restoration is here to help you with your flood restoration needs. We know that flooding can be a factor in New Mexico during certain times such as monsoon season. Backed up sewers are another concern when it comes to flooding and hazardous waste. Many people don’t realize that water resulting from floods can contaminate your home or business. Improper clean up of floodwaters can also increase the risk of mold, which can cause health issues. Below we will cover the types of floodwaters and how to handle them.

There are three types of water that can damage your home:

– Clean water
– Greywater
– Blackwater

When your property is flooded with clean water from broken appliances, burst pipes, or an overflowing water tank, it’s important to contact our team at American Restoration to remove the standing water and to dry out the premises. The good news is clean water doesn’t pose a health risk to you because it doesn’t contain harmful organisms that will make you sick.

Greywater comes from appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, or the kitchen sink. This type of water typically has no human or animal waste in it, but it may contain detergent or other contaminants that can cause illness to you, your family, and pets.

Blackwater is extremely dangerous and should be removed by professionals. Blackwater is the result of a broken sewer pipe, toilet, septic tank, or food preparation sink. This kind of wastewater includes toxic bacteria, chemicals, and bacteria from human and food waste. If blackwater isn’t removed completely from your home or business, it can create health issues such as intestinal illnesses and allergic reactions. If left untreated, this can be more harmful than you may think.

A flood is never a good thing, however, there are situations that can be worse than others. As you see, no matter what type of floodwaters you are dealing with, it’s important to reach out to the professionals. Reach out to the team at American Restoration for your flood restoration needs! We are available for a fast and efficient solution. Our experts will return your property to a clean and safe environment.