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For homeowners, water leaks can cause extensive damage to the home. But sometimes, it’s a small leak, perhaps only after heavy rainfall, and the signs that a problem exists could be overlooked.

Here’s an example: an outdoor light fixture with a cover can still allow rainwater to enter. That water can cause anything plugged into it to short out, such as outdoor lighting, an appliance, or rechargeable toys for the kids.

Signs that there might be a problem with an electrical short include unusual behavior in that outlet, things like lights turning on even when the outlet is off; a breaker tripping; or the appliance overheating. In some cases, you might notice charred or melted plastic on the outlet or switch.

Water and electricity do not mix. If there’s standing water in that outside area, a person could receive an electrical shock. Water that enters an electrical outlet will usually short it out, but in some cases, it could cause a spark that can lead to a full-fledged fire.

If you see water near an outdoor electrical outlet or lights, it’s reason to check that the seal on the cover is really protecting that outlet from any water entering. If it is, the outlet should be further protected from moisture or even moved to a better location.

At American Restoration, we serve New Mexico homeowners who experience fires, floods, or the damage that can come afterward. American Restoration technicians are IICRC certified, providing you with the service excellence you deserve. If your property is affected by water damage, whether it’s a broken pipe, monsoon rain, a leaking roof, or another issue, we’re here to help. From Farmington to Roswell, Albuquerque to Las Cruces, trust American Restoration for the unseen leak repair or the total water mitigation and restoration.