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Did you know that one of the number one causes of home fires within the United States is due in part to extension cords? American Restoration Water & Fire would like to remind everyone about the extension cord safety measures when using their extension cords. It’s estimated that nearly 3,300 home fires are due to extension cord’s overheating because of improper use, and up to 50 people a year are killed, according to this article from 2019. Here are a few reminders for extension cord use that every homeowner should be made aware of.

  • Check the rating for the extension cord you are planning on using. Some of them are rated for indoor and outdoor usage and meet the power usage for the appliance you will use.
  • Extension cords should never be left near water sources or outside in the rain or snow.
  • Do not overload your extension cord. You shouldn’t need to use every plug-in; if you do, you need to find a different one and use a separate plug on a separate breaker.
  • If your extension cord needs to be mounted, DO NOT nail or staple them to the wall. You can buy extension cord wall mount clips in most home improvement stores.  Our American Restoration technicians recommend these all the time to clients when we notice situations that call for them.

If you are using multiple extensions cords to meet your appliance plug-in needs, contacting your local electrician to see about adding additional outlets may be the right option! American Restoration Water & Fire understands that things happen, and occasions happen that you need to have more convenient power outlets for; that’s why we are in the business of restoration. Fire Damage is sneaky, and experiencing a fire in your home creates a lot of additional stress that you shouldn’t have to worry about. If your home has had a fire and you are looking for a team of professionals that get it done right the first time, American Restoration Water & Fire is the team you need! We will also deal directly with your insurance company, and we can give you an estimated timeline on when your home will be restored to its previous glory, once again. Give us a call today!