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The use of fireworks on the fourth of July has been an American tradition for as long as we can remember. While people realize they should be careful when celebrating, mishaps can happen. In 2019, for example, there were more than 9,000 injuries nationwide and five deaths from fireworks, not to mention countless cases of damages to property. Before considering the use of fireworks this 4th of July, it is wise to stay educated on how to protect oneself and one’s property. Below are a few helpful tips from the experts at American Restoration.

How To Protect a Home From The Dangers Of Fireworks

It may seem unlikely, but it can only take a spark to start a blaze if it lands in the right spot. It is important to be aware of areas around your home that accumulate dry leaves, bark or pine needles. Before celebrating, we suggest you rake or pick up natural substances that are easily burned or any flammable materials.

  • Keep gutters on the house clean to prevent sparks from igniting leaves or debris
  • Remove any dry debris or bark from around the house that could catch fire
  • Ensure your sprinklers are working properly in the front and back yards
  • Water any bark thoroughly, as it could ignite other flammable substances near the house or any outbuildings
  • Trim tree branches that touch or are near the roof of the house

Keep in mind, it is not just fire that is dangerous; smoke inhalation can be deadly, as well. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your house is well protected from fire and that it is well-equipped for smoke accumulation. We suggest checking all fire alarms before your festivities.

What To Do If There Is Damage

In the unfortunate event that there is a fire or smoke damage to your home, reach out to the team at American Restoration. We will be there every step of the way to ensure your life and your residence gets back to normal. American Restoration wishes you a Happy and Safe Independence Day!